Singing Brook Summer Arts Camp
Singing Brook Summer Arts Camp

Camp Owners/Directors

Having attended Singing Brook Camp as children and having worked there for many years, we believe in this camp’s ability to provide young people with an exceptional outdoor experience full of fun, friends and fresh air. Seeing the self-confidence that grows between Monday and Friday - that blossoms in the End of Week show - when they get up on stage and perform in front of family and friends, is one of the most rewarding experiences ever. Being witness to such personal growth and development is truly a blessing.

Many thanks to Steve for trusting in our ability to take over Singing Brook  in 2015 and allowing us to honour Linda’s (Tempo) memory in this way.

We could not just stand by and let such an important component of Art and Culture in Oxford County disappear. It is our sincere hope that your child(ren) will enjoy this camp as much as we enjoy running it.

Courtney Phelps (Co-co)

I am a University of Waterloo student working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Classical History and Legal Studies. I have worked with children for seven years at Singing Brook, STEM camp and  Woodstock Oxford Minor Basketball.
Art and theatre have been an important part of my life as long as I can remember, regularly attending performances in Stratford, Niagara and Toronto. I have worked as Stage Manager as well as in costume and set design for various high school and community productions and have participated in several workshops at Stratford and Shaw (mask-making, make-up, costume design and stage sword fighting).

Jessica Phelps (Copper)

I am a University of Waterloo student working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Global Business and Digital Arts. I have been working with children for five years at Singing Brook, STEM camp and Woodstock Oxford Minor Basketball.
For me, it is all about acting - I have been in 16 productions throughout the county (St. Mary’s Drama Club, Ingersoll Theatre of Performing Arts, Theatre Woodstock, CAST and Innerkip United Players). I too have learned to appreciate the important role art plays in society through attending many professional productions and participating in the make-up, costume design and sword-fighting workshops at the Shaw Festival Theater in Niagara.

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